Thursday, 10 November 2011

Mirrlees Blackstone Esl – The Brand

As Mirrlees Blackstone ESL is a type of generator, any industry person outside of this industry would understand this to be a business jargon. These are world-class engines with many versions. Mirrlees Blackstone is a brand name in engines and ESL is the range of generators.  These Mirrless Blackstone engines are of different makes and they can be purchased from the listed dealer around the globe. With the advent of technology, it has become easier to find the dealers from various countries who have the engines listed with the fuel type and its condition, model number, application, price, engine type with or without turbo, and its total hours. With all these specifications and pictures, it becomes easier to take the decision. 

There are also used and re-built parts for sale of the Mirrlees Blackstone engines. Even the Mirrlees Blackstone esl has different versions like esl8, esl6 or esl mk2. These versions are actually marine diesel engine specifications. And there are many companies which specialize in giving services for the Mirrlees Blackstone engines. Services like onsite baseload services, repairs and engine overhauls are affordable solutions to extend the lifespan of the large capacity diesel engines. These companies provide engineering support in any part of the world.

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